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Modern GameBoy Original: Ruby Edition


The original GameBoy, the revolutionary hand-held 8-bit console released April 21, 1989, sold over 118 million consoles worldwide.

Hand-restored to it's original condition, with a new shell, buttons, screen, boxed making the perfect gift for a die-hard gamer.

LCD Screen

We take an original GameBoy and start by taking it apart fully. We clean the PCB, replace any broken or worn components such as the Link connection, volume and power switches, and do a full hardware test to confirm good working order is restored.

Next, we replace the old, used and worn shell with a brand new one, along with the rubber contacts and buttons to restore that brand new button press feel.

Finally, we replace the plastic screen protector with a modern tougher glass screen protector so your old new console stays newer for longer.

The finishing touch is a boxed and sealed product perfect as a gift for any retro gamer... or maybe even treat yourself?