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Modern Game Gear with Backlit LCD


Developed under the name "Project Mercury", the Game Gear was the primary competition to the Game Boy, the Atari Lynx and the TurboExpress.

It shared much of its hardware with the Master System, and can play Master System games by use of an adapter. Sega positioned the Game Gear, which had a full-color backlit screen with a landscape format, as a technologically superior handheld to the Game Boy.


The Game Gear was notorious for bad capacitors, which means almost no Game Gears exist in the wild that work without repair.

We take an original Game Gear and start by taking it apart fully.

Next, we do a full re-cap of the system, replacing all aluminimum capacitors with brand new capacitors. This fixes the common issues of sound and screen problems.

We clean the PCB, replace any broken or worn components such as the volume wheel, power connectors and switches, and do a full hardware test to confirm good working order is restored.

Next, we replace the old, used and worn LCD screen and flourescent tube backlit with a brand new modern backlit LCD manufactured in 2019. This is the biggest improvement in the entire console!

Finally, we replace the plastic screen protector with a modern tougher glass screen protector so your old new console stays newer for longer, and give it new battery covers.

NOTE: The main shell is still original (we are producing our own shortly), so the console will have cosmetic wear and tear and scratches to the main shell, however the screen and LCD and battery covers are all brand new. We also do not yet have a custom RetroSix box for this product so it will come bubble wrapped.