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You might know us from TikTok repairs 🧑‍🔧... perhaps our Game Boy mods. No? 

Then you must just ❤️ retro gaming or repairs.

Stay a while, look around, enjoy, and reach out if you need anything 😃

About us


Retro Enthusiast

RetroSix is a family run business led by Luke, who has been in the gaming industry and retail business since 2013, and sold consoles, controllers and even designed our own controllers and consoles.

We repair and upgrade consoles while showing them off on our social channels such as TikTok.

We sell products for restoring your own consoles should you wish to do it yourself, including many of our own hardware we design and manufacture in-house.

Finally, we print directly onto products to create unique one-off designs of things like Game Boys, Game Gears and anything that has a relatively flat surface we can print on. Checkout our Printed Products sections to buy some or design your very own.

We started RetroSix not as a mass market business, instead with the aim of perfection. Recreating moulds of original shells, casting them from quality ABS, redesigning hardware such as power supplies, USB-C, audio and more, to upgrade your consoles to the highest quality available. No cheap junk sold for profit.


We believe partnering with other likeminded companies is a great way to help each other out and ultimately make products that are better for the end consumer.

Of course, we sell and ship worldwide direct from source if you would like to purchase direct from anywhere in the world.

USA: https://www.retrosix.us (* coming soon)

Canada: Magitek Repairs and Restoration (magitekrr.com)

Japan: ヒミツノバ®|ゲームボーイのバックライトカスタム|HIMITSUNOVA

Austria: SilentModding.com - Retro Console Modding

Germany: RetroReiZ - REVIVE TO RELIVE - Die Seite für Retro-Fans & Sammler